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Color Query Pro

4.6 ( 3616 ratings )
Utility Riferimento
Sviluppatore Alan Meyers

Professional color mixing and matching for graphic artists, web developers and designers.

"When there are colors to mix and match, there is one app to use and that one app is Color Query Pro for iPhone." ...Toms Guide

"Color Query puts you in the know. Just point your iPhone at a wall or other object and snap a photo. Color Query will analyze the photo to determine its name and properties like RGB, CMYK, HSB, and HEX. You’re also able to compare colors to five standard pallets, adjust colors, view variations, and save up to five samples." ...AppAdvice

- Use camera to capture color from object.
- Query color and compare to twelve standard palettes;:
- Pantone
- RAL Classic
- Sherwin-Williams
- Valspar
- 日本の色の一覧 Colors of Japan
- Federal Standard 595
- Material Design
- Wikipedia.
- Query color by number or name.

- Mix and match color in RGB, HSB or CMYK colorspaces.
- Use sliders to adjust color.
- Color component bars for each colorspace. Shows variations of color for each component (red, green, blue etc) every 17% . Touch a color to put it in main window.
- Get RGB with #hex, HSB and CMYK numbers. Enter #hex code directly to see a color.

- Save up to 25 color samples over five sample palettes. Rotate through the palettes with the toggle button.
- To delete a sample, touch it and drag up.
- To swap with color to the left, double tap it.
- Delete all samples in current palette by dragging up on the Sample button.
- All data is persisted meaning you never lose your saved samples.

- Shake phone for a random color.

** Colors shown are simulations of the actual color.